Thursday, February 26, 2009

Generation is Not the Issue

Here is the presentation of the results of the research that looked at how students at the BC Institute of Technology are using information and communication technologies. The results clearly show that generational differences are not the issue. Contextual issues such as the nature of the program are more important considerations when making decisions about the integration of learning technologies.

Here's the SlideShare version which allows you to control the slides. Note, however, the audio does not sync up properly when you use the slide advance.


Cameron said...

Every generation thinks they're special until they get old enough to get some persceptive (except for mine which really was special:))

So much bollocks would have been prevented if someone had given Prenski a copy of Knowles when he was growing up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark & Tannis,

Interesting stuff. I've long thought that the Net Gen mythology coming (largely) from the US doesn't accurately reflect the reality of most students I come across on a regular basis. I wrote about this a couple of years ago here:

You might also be interested in our collection of student opinions (via U-stream) related to learning, the use of technology, etc.: (esp. Cadence, Angeli, Cadence, Luke, Teena).

Take care and good to read about what you're up to at BCIT!