Friday, September 12, 2008

Todays Teens: Anything But Masters of Technology

Once again, the strong research seems to contradict the prevailing view of the digitally-literate Net generation. I came across this study out of Great Britain, thanks to Tom Hanson at Open which casts doubt on the idea that teens are better with technology than adults.

"The study sought to determine just how good young people were with information technology and thereby determine what schools and libraries should in turn focus on when teaching students. To make their determinations, a log of British Library web sites and search tools was analyzed along with a “virtual” longitudinal study based on literature reviews from the past 30 years."

Read the Open
posting on the study or download the full study.


Stephen Downes said...

> In fact the report casts major dispersions on the view that teens are better with technology than are older adults.

I think he probably meant 'aspersions' and not 'dispersions'. I hope so, at least.

Mark Bullen said...

I think you're probably right. I've fixed that.